VI-Alert Help and Support - Advanced Notifications
From the Customized Notification button within the Add Additional Notifications you can add and subtract Customized Notification from your user profile. The Add Additional Notification page can be found by clicking Add Notifications Button within the My Alerts – Home page.

Below are the Overall Warning Categories that you can subscribe to beyond the basic notifications.

CBRNE – Notifications related to Chemical, Nuclear or Biological.

Fire – Notifications related to Fire. This may include the need to evacuate.

Environmental – Notifications related to Environmental and Pollution. An example would include a hazardous materials spill.

Geophysical – Notifications related to Geophysical. Examples include mud slide, earthquake, etc.

Infrastructure – Notifications related to Infrastructure.  Examples include water main breaks, power outages, etc.

Law / Security – Notifications related to Law and Security. 

Medical and Public Health - Notifications related to Public Health.  Examples include boil water orders and flu vaccine clinics.

Meteorological – Notifications from National Weather Service.  Examples include marine warnings, frost and freeze advisories, and weather advisories.

Other – Notifications that do not match the 13 base categories

Press Releases – Notification related to Press Release or Publications

Rescue – Notifications related to Recovery and Rescue efforts. 

Transportation – Notifications related to Transportation.  Examples include road and/or bridge closures, accident delays, etc. for local roads.