VI-Alert Help and Support - Severe Weather
From the Add Notification button within the My Alerts – Home you can add Weather Notifications to your user profile. Clicking the Customize on the new Notification – Custom and save web page will display all the notification types within the Severe Weather basic notification option. By default the Warning and Alerts are selected. 

Below is the list of customized notifications specific to Severe Weather notification option. 

Air Quality Alerts – Notifications on Air Quality

Forecasts and Outlooks – Notifications on Forecast by the National Weather Service. (Ex. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Special Weather Statements, Short Team Forecast)

Other Marine Alerts – Notifications on Marine Alerts (Ex. Small Craft Advisory)

Other Un-Categorized Meteorological Event – Notifications that are not categorized by the 5 base categories.

Warnings and Alerts – Notifications from the National Weather Service of Warning and Alerts (Ex. Severe Thunderstorm, Flash Flood and Tornado)

Watches and Advisories - Notifications from the National Weather Service of Watches and Advisories (Ex. Thunderstorm Watch, Heavy Snow Advisory and Flood Advisory).  Text messages will not be sent due to the content of these messages not being able to be formatted properly for text messages.  Watches and Advisories are only sent via email. 

Any warning other than tornado, hurricane and flash flood which are categorized as a continuation of a previous warning will be sent via email only.