VI-Alert Help and Support - My Locations of Interest
Q. Where can I add locations of interest to be alerted upon?

A. The option My Locations of Interest allows the user to receive notifications for up to 10 defined locations.

  1. From your My Alerts home page, click My Locations of Interest.
  2. From here you would choose I would like to add a new location and then choose submit.
  3. Locations can be an address or an entire county or jurisdiction.

Some notification category types will allow additional locations of interest.  If you wish to select the entire state, please contact to request this feature, as well as indicating what warnings you would like to receive.

For additional assistance, please view the tutorial  Locations - View an Entire County.

Allowed abbreviations:

Street - St.
Lane - Ln.
Avenue - Ave.
Road - Rd.
Place - Pl.
Court - Ct.